One of the biggest surprises after our wedding ceremony was how many of our friends and family members thought Wendy was a relative of ours (presumably on the other persons side...). It was a testament to the time and effort that she put into learning about us and what we would want on such an occasion. The event she delivered was perfect: lighthearted without sacrificing solemnity; unique, but firmly rooted in love and joy. Wendy was able to weave together elements such as a tradition of Catholic mass and a passage from a Supreme Court decision into a coherent and loving whole that left our wonderful assembly tearful but overjoyed. More than one person asked for her name afterwards!  

Paul and Jack

Hi Wendy!


When we initially spoke back in January 2020, you told me that your goal was to make the ceremony the best part of the wedding. Well...you nailed it! You masterfully, in such a heartfelt way, described the essence of who Emily and Greg are as people and as a couple. You connected their authentic love and connection to the bigger picture, how our whole world needs this (desperately), and we loved that too. You officiated the most touching, personal, meaningful, grounded, beautiful ceremony we could have imagined. Thank you, Wendy! 

With love,

Nancy, Dave, Emily, Sarah and all our families and friends :)

We always thought that what we would remember most about our wedding was the party. But our fondest memory is of our ceremony and how special it was because of Wendy. We wish we could re-live it! She took the time to get to know us as individuals and as a couple. The ceremony was full of personal touches. We felt like we were married by a dear friend rather than someone we had met just a couple of months before our wedding.

Shawna and David

Our wedding ceremony was beyond belief. After 18 yearS together, Wendy was able to bring together our history and hope for a new exciting future. Our family and friends were amazed at her ability to “get us", capture who we are to one another, and share that with everyone in such a thoughtful way.

Lori and Anne

After interviewing with Wendy, my children were both comfortable and very happy to have her do their ceremony. As mother of the groom I trusted their decision.

On the day of their wedding I found the ceremony to be one of the most touching and meaningful ceremonies I’ve witnessed in a long time. I felt that she captured the essence of how Rob and Alesa feel about each other, the deep and sincere love they have for their family and friends and the strength in marriages they have been privileged to witness.

Their ceremony was evidence of their love and their strong connection to family and friends. She was also very sensitive to the religious background and beliefs both my son and daughter-in –law brought to their marriage. Her ability to verbalize this throughout the ceremony was done clearly and beautifully. I am personally very grateful to Wendy for her sensitivity and ability. She was superb.


For us, working with Wendy really brought our wedding to life. She helped us think about what we wanted to express to our guests and to each other on this most important day. We met with her a few times so she could get to know us and the story of our relationship.

Recounting how we met and our history together really helped us focus on the meaning of the actual ceremony and the values we wanted to bring to that day. Wendy took an interest in us and went above and beyond to make sure the ceremony was everything we wanted it to be.

That weekend she managed the rehearsal and helped it run smoothly - calming everyone down and directing people where they should be. On our wedding day she was a Zen presence in the midst of everyone swirling around us - encouraging us with a look to take it all in and enjoy. Her calm helped us to really savor each moment and she set a great pace for the ceremony.

We would HIGHLY recommend her!

Amanda and Jeff

James and I put our heads together and tried to come up with a summary of our experience with Wendy, but we didn’t know where to begin. We began gushing about our experience with her, from beginning to end, and had too many positive memories and feelings to express succinctly. So here is our wordy compilation of memories and gratitude…

We met Wendy a few times over the course of several months before our wedding, after being referred to her by our photographer, and were immediately enamored. Wendy made us feel as if we’d known her for years.

She spent time with us over several cups of coffee and asked us about ourselves, our families, and our backgrounds. We weren’t sure why at the time (although we thoroughly enjoyed the experience!) but when it came time for our ceremony we understood. Wendy took great care in getting to know and truly understand our feelings about each other, and what we wanted for our ceremony.

Somehow she got right to essence of who we are as a couple, and what makes us alike and also different. She challenged us to think about ourselves as individuals and as a couple in preparing our unique ceremony with her. It was clear to us that no two weddings officiated by Wendy are ever the same

Wendy was able to incorporate our desire for spirituality but not religion, as well as create the laid back vibe we wanted while still conveying the importance and deep emotion we were feeling.

I had a special request of Wendy which was to somehow incorporate a thankful reference to my adoptive father in our ceremony. Wendy and I had a few conversations about it and I had written her an email describing the feelings I wanted to convey to my father. Wendy was able to seamlessly incorporate a special moment for him into our ceremony that did not exclude others, and yet was so deeply heartfelt it still resonates with my entire family.

I was blown away by Wendy’s carefully chosen words and how she captured exactly how I felt.

Overall, we have both agreed that our ceremony was the best part of our wedding day because it truly felt like us, and we both also agreed that it was thanks to Wendy. We have had dozens of compliments on Wendy’s officiating and requests for her contact information. Everyone present was moved by her words and comforted by her presence.

Thank you, Wendy, from the bottom of our hearts.

Katie and James

We thoroughly enjoyed working with Wendy to create our wedding ceremony! The questionnaire she had us fill out at the beginning of the process was a great way for her to get to know us, and also for us to do our best at putting into words how we feel about each other, ourselves and our families – not an easy task, but an excellent thing for everyone to do before they get married - we will save those questionnaires forever. Throughout the entire process Wendy listened to what we wanted to do to make our ceremony meaningful to us, provided great suggestions about ways we could make it even better, and also shared her past experiences about what’s worked well in terms of order of ceremony which was very helpful. After meeting with Wendy only a few times (and several times on skype!) while going through the process of creating our wedding ceremony, we very quickly felt like she was an old friend!

We were both excited with how Wendy wrote the ceremony – it was written beautifully, she spoke very well, and she did an excellent job of describing our love for each other and for our families and friends. We couldn’t be more thrilled about our decision to work with Wendy to create this memorable moment in our lives!

Sarah and Greg